Waterproof Solar Panels

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The Wilderness Systems Solar Panels ensure that your kayak electronics stay powered-up all day, even while underway. Small in size, but large in power, the rigid solar panels are splashproof and feature a built-in charging meter and a modern USB connection. A strong bungee ball latching system is both adaptable and secure for installation, allowing for quick and temporary mounting for protection when transporting your kayak, while the panels themselves fold up for compact storage. Panels do not store electricity, must be connected to a battery or electronic device.

• Powerful charging capability with built in charging meter
• Rigid, splashproof, and foldable
• USB connection
• Output: 5V, 1 Amp
• Panels do not store electricity, must connect to battery or electronic device
Length:16.25 in / 41.28 cm
Width:1 in / 2.54 cm
Height:9 in / 22.86 cm
Weight:14.9 oz / 422.41 g
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