BluWave Wave Rider 11.6

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Our Wave Rider line of all round epoxy bamboo sandwich construction (EBS) SUPs, the Wave Rider 10.6 and 11.6 are great all round boards for flat water paddling, fitness, yoga or small waves. Multiple tie down points on the deck provide attachment points for gear for day cruising, or tie downs for fitness attachments. The all round shape is forgiving and will provide ample stability for beginners.

Shapers Notes: Based on our longboard inspired Woody shapes, the Wave Rider 10.6/11.6 are perfect all round boards that can do it all. Beginner paddlers up to 220 lbs or advanced up to 240lbs

Features: Built in Go Pro mounts, Bungee tie downs  

Fin Setup: 9" Tooless center with 4.5" side thrusters


   L W   T  LBS  V
11' 6" 32" 4.75  30 198
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